Lisa Randall teaches us the secrets that dark matter holds in her new book, Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs. She does this with the help of earlier astronomers and scholars who made certain observations that could not explain the way galaxies are held together by the then conventional mechanisms of cosmological theory. Through Randall’s brilliant research we see a universe unfold that is far grander than anyone at any time could have imagined.

Her research and work help support a new view of the cosmos—one in which ideas today arose from what appeared to be fantasies of the past. She is a progressive thinker, a visionary capable of bridging the vast gulf between speculation and reality science, the forms of which have always been the spark that ignites new ideas and pushes thinkers progressively further along.

“The Discovery of Dark Matter:

We don’t see dark matter, but–like the celebrity or the hunter [others]–it influences its surroundings. This chapter explains how astronomers have used these indirect influences to infer the presence of dark matter, and how today’s measurements tell us about dark matter’s energy contribution with ever increasing precision.”

The work is a compilation of these speculative views, yielding hope for a new generation of quest-seekers to uncover these elusive truths about our untold universe. I applaud this professor of theoretical particle physics and cosmology. She is setting the course straight for future explorations of this amazing topic. She is a bright star in the cosmological constellation.

Reviewed by D. Wayne Dworsky


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