January 02, 2018
DMD Reading-Icon2 copy Vice News: Is There Enough Proof to Say We are Living in a Computer Simulation? by Lindsay Van Dyke

December 08, 2017
DMD Reading-Icon2 copy
 Wired: Lisa Randall: ‘It’s Important for People Like Me to Keep Doing Science and Not Get Distracted’, by Joao Medeiros

DMD Reading-Icon2 copyThe Tribune: Jaipur Literature Festival Releases Second List of Speakers for the 11th Edition

November 10, 2017
DMD Reading-Icon2 copy 
NRC.nl: Koningin van de natuurkunde, by Margriet van der Heijden

October 04, 2017
DMD Reading-Icon2 copy Finextra: Dark and Transparent Connectivity, by Zohar Hod

July 11, 2017
DMD Reading-Icon2 copy Innsenses: The Holy Heaven of Lisa Randall, by Francesc Montejo

July 03, 2017
DMATD listening2 BBC Radio, The Infinite Monkey Cage: What Particles Remain to be Discovered?

June 10, 2017
DMD Reading-Icon2 copy Vox: 9 Questions for Lisa Randall, by Sean Illing

May 05, 2017
DMATD listening2 BBC Radio 4: Interview

April 27, 2017
DMATD listening2 Radio Open Source with Chris Lydon: Building the People’s Party

April 20, 2017
DMD Reading-Icon2 copy 52 Insights: Lisa Randall, Dark Matter of the Mind

April 17, 2017
DMD Reading-Icon2 copy Boston Globe: Are We Living In a Simulation by Alex Beam

March 28, 2017
DMD Reading-Icon2 copy Dayton City Paper: Matter Matters: Physicist, Artist Lisa Randall Questions the Universe at UD by Lisa Bennett

March 22, 2017
DMD Reading-Icon2 copyTess Magazine: Cosmo Star-Prima donna ad aver ottenuto la cattedra di fisica teorica a Harvard la comologa Americana, 54 anni è al top della scienza mondiale ma ama la moda e il Made in Italy, come racconta a “Tess” by Vera Fisogni

March 17, 2017
DMD video-camera-icon2 copy Universidad de la Laguna: Silvana Radescu habla sobre Lisa Randall y Fabiola Gianotti

March 14, 2017
DMD Reading-Icon2 copyNewYork Minute Magazine: A Physicist Inspires Female Scientists by Jenna Salisbury

March 01, 2017
DMD Reading-Icon2 copyQuartz Magazine: A Harvard Physicist Explains the Problem with Believing We Live in a Simulation by Corrine Purtill

DMD video-camera-icon2 copy Universidad de La Laguna: Silvana Radescu Habla Sobre Lisa Randall y Fabiola Gianotti

February 02, 2017
DMD Reading-Icon2 copyRexburg Standard Journal: Using Effective Theories by David Stein

January 26, 2017
DMD video-camera-icon2 copy Science Net: Those 7 Times Lisa Randall Went Next Level Genius

January 15, 2017
DMD video-camera-icon2 copy Science Net: Those 7 Times Lisa Randall Went Beast Mode

January 6, 2017
DMD Reading-Icon2 copy Financial Times: Vera Rubin, Astrophysicist, 1928-2016 by Anjana Ahuja

December 26, 2016
DMD Reading-Icon2 copy Kenosha News: These Authors Make Modern Theories Accessible by Mark Polovina

December 23, 2016
DMD Reading-Icon2 copy The Daily Galaxy | Great Discoveries Channel: Today’s “Galaxy” Stream–Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs (VIEW)

December 08, 2016
DMD Reading-Icon2 copy NOVA Next: Galaxy’s Disk of Dark Matter Could Trigger Mass Extinction on Earth by Raleigh McElvery

November 16, 2016
DMD video-camera-icon2 copyABC News Lateline: Interview: Lisa Randall, Harvard Professor and Theoretical Physicist

November 13, 2016
DMATD listening2Einstein A Go Go: Dr. Shane and Colleagues – Science is Everywhere, Interview with Professor Lisa Randall, Triple R FM 102.7 

October 29, 2016
DMD Reading-Icon2 copyThe New Yorker: Persons of Interest: The Dark Energy of a Theoretical Physicist by Nell Freudenberger

October 24, 2016
DMD video-camera-icon2 copyAcantilado: Lisa Randall, acerca de ‘La materia oscura y los dinosaurius’

October 19, 2016
DMD Reading-Icon2 copyRepubblica: Lisa Randall: Così la materia oscura cancello i dinosauri, by Luca Fraioli

September 16, 2016
DMD Reading-Icon2 copyABC News Lateline: Did Dark Matter Kill the Dinosaurs? Dr. Lisa Randall Answers Your Questions

September 14, 2016
DMD Reading-Icon2 copyRepubblica: Studio: Dinosauri estinti per colpa della materia oscura 

September 13, 2016
DMD Reading-Icon2 copyNews.com.au: How Dark Matter Killed the Dinosaurs and Why We Shouldn’t Be Racing to Colonize Mars, by Nick Whigham

August 15, 2016
DMD Reading-Icon2 copyCosmos: Did Dinosaurs Fall Foul of Dark Matter, by Andrew Masterson

August 14, 2016
DMD Reading-Icon2 copyThe Sydney Morning Herald: Super Scientist and Lego Role Model Lisa Randall Talks Dinosaurs and Dark Matter, by Andrew Masterson

August 11, 2016
DMD Reading-Icon2 copyPRI (Public Radio International) Science Friday: Tips for Aspiring Scientists From One Woman Who is-Literally-Figuring Out How the Universe Works by Nicole Wetsman

August 9, 2016
DMD Reading-Icon2 copyScience Friday: Getting Fundamental with Lisa Randall, The Theoretical Particle Physicist Offers Advice to Aspiring Scientists by Nicole Wetsman

July 29, 2016
DMD Reading-Icon2 copyFrankfurter Rundschau: Ich mag eas Einfälle zu haben, by Von Arno Widmann

July 13, 2016
DMD Reading-Icon2 copyRhein-Neckar-Zeitung: Star-Physikerin Lisa Randall im Heidelberger DAI, by Von Heribert Vogt

July 11, 2016
DMD Reading-Icon2 copyGalore: Lisa Randall: Falsch zu liegen, heißt für uns, einen Fortschritt zu erzielen, by Björn Eenboom

July 1, 2016
DMD Reading-Icon2 copyFinancial Times: Summer Reading 2016: Science

June 26, 2016
DMD Reading-Icon2 copyThe Hindu: Shelf Help – All Our Known Unknowns by Jacob Koshy

June 13, 2016
DMD Reading-Icon2 copyDaily Star Albany: Why Humanity Exists? — Syracuse Tech Time 

June 6, 2016
DMD Reading-Icon2 copyDeutschlandradio Kultur: Dem Geheimnis der Dunklen Materie auf der Spur, by Von Geriet Stratmann

May 10, 2016
DMD Reading-Icon2 copyThe Wire: What Wiped Out the Dinosaurs by Ronak Gupta

April 18, 2016
DMD Reading-Icon2 copyThe Wall Street Journal: Alice Waters, Tony Kushner and More on Epiphanies: WSJ Asks Six Luminaries to Weigh in on a Single Topic by Deepak Chopra

April 14, 2016
DMD Reading-Icon2 copyScience Alert: Watch: Is Our Universe a Simulation? The Experts Weigh In by David Nield

April 13, 2016
DMD Reading-Icon2 copyNova Next: Dark Matter’s Invisible Hand by Charles Q Choi

April 12, 2016
DMD Reading-Icon2 copyQuanta Magazine: Debate Intensifies Over Dark Disk Theory by Natalie Wolchover

DMD Reading-Icon2 copySpace.com: Is the Universe a Simulation? Scientists Debate by Sarah Lewin

January 20, 2016
DMATD listening2 Little Atoms 402: Lisa Randall and Francesca Kay

January 17, 2016
DMD Reading-Icon2 copy The Sunday Times: A Disc of Death Did for the Dinosaurs by Michael Hanlon

January 16, 2016
DMATD listening2 Orbital Path with Michelle Thaller: Mass Extinctions Get Personal

January 15, 2016
DMATD listening2 The Guardian: Dark Matter, Dinosaurs and the Science of Uncertainties by Nicola Davis and Iain Chambers

January 12, 2016
DMD Reading-Icon2 copyThe Guardian: Dark Matter and Dinosaurs: Meet Lisa Randall, America’s Superstar Scientist by Nicola Davis

January 4, 2016
DMD video-camera-icon2 copyGPS with Fareed Zakaria Web Extra: Randall on What Killed the Dinosaurs

December 29, 2015
DMD Reading-Icon2 copyExaminer.com: Giant Comets Called ‘Centaurs’ Pose Greater Threat to Earth Than Asteroids by Norman Byrd

December 19,2015
DMATD listening2Quirks & Quarks with Bob McDonald: Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs

December 16, 2015
DMD Reading-Icon2 copyMiami New Times: The 11 Best Things to do in Miami this Week

December 15, 2015
DMD Reading-Icon2 copyHuffington Post: The One Question This Brilliant Physicist Wants People to Stop Asking Her by Lila Shapiro

DMD Reading-Icon2 copyMiami Herald: Author to Discuss Dinosaur Extinction by Madeleine Marr

December 14, 2015

DMD Reading-Icon2 copyRed Orbit: Did Dark Matter Kill the Dinosaur? An Expert Speaks Out by John Hopton

December 12, 2015

DMD Reading-Icon2 copyNational Post: Dark Matter and the Dinosaur: New Theory Challenges Notions on Origins of Human Life by Joseph Brean

DMD Reading-Icon2 copyHNGN: Dark Matter and Dinosaurs-New Theory Suggests Origin of Extinction by Tyler MacDonald

December 11, 2015

DMD video-camera-icon2 copyCTV Canada AM: Dark Matter Helped Kill Off the Dinosaurs, New Book Theorizes

DMD Reading-Icon2 copyPhys.Org: Did Dark Matter or a Star Called Nemesis Kill the Dinosaurs? by Konstantinos Dimopoulos

December 9, 2015

DMD video-camera-icon2 copyCharlie Rose: Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs

DMD Reading-Icon2 copyThe Washington Post: The Most Outlandish Theory Yet for What Killed Off the Dinosaurs by Dominic Basulto

December 8, 2015

DMATD listening2MPR News with Kerri Miller: What Caused the Comet That Killed the Dinosaurs?

December 5, 2015

DMD Reading-Icon2 copySalon:What Really Wiped Out the Dinosaurs: “It’s Only When You Have Large Aggregations of Dark Matter That it Can Have This Enormous Effect” by Scott Timberg

DMD Reading-Icon2 copySTGist: Astronomers Using ALMA Spot Monstrous Baby Galaxies in Dark Matter Filaments by Carlo Diokno

December 4, 2015

DMD video-camera-icon2 copyBig Think: Without Dark Matter, It’s Unlikely That Any of Us Would Exist at All

December 3, 2015

DMATD listening2Rick Kleffel: Lisa Randall Connects Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs: The Perturber 

December 1, 2015

DMD video-camera-icon2 copyBusiness Insider: A Harvard Physicist Explains Why We Could Be In the Middle of the Sixth Mass Extinction

November 29, 2015

DMATD listening2New York Times: Book Review “Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs”

November 21, 2015

DMATD listening2 NPR Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me: Not My Job, Physics Professor Lisa Randall Gets Quizzed on Phys Ed

November 19, 2015

DMD Reading-Icon2 copyIndiana Daily Student: The Empathy of Physics by Hussain Ather

DMD Reading-Icon2 copyTribune Star: Dark Matter by Ronn Mott

November 18, 2015

DMD Reading-Icon2 copyThe Harvard Crimson: Professor Posits Dark Matter Led To Dinosaur Extinction by Brandon J. Dixon

DMD Reading-Icon2 copyGood Times: Dark Shadowed by Wendy Mayer-Lochtefeld

November 17, 2015

DMATD listening2Forum with Michael Kransy: Dark Matter Killed the Dinosaurs and Helped Our Species Emerge

DMD Reading-Icon2 copySpace Reporter: Harvard Physicist Attributes Humans’ Existence to Dark Matter by Laurel Kornfeld

November 16, 2015

DMD video-camera-icon2 copyBusiness Insider: A Harvard Physicist Has an Incredible Theory for Why the Dinosaurs Went Extinct

DMD Reading-Icon2 copyExaminer: Physicist’s Radical Theory, Human Evolution Due to Dark Matter, Dinosaur Demise by Norman Byrd

DMD Reading-Icon2 copyCDA News: Physicist Lisa Randall Has a New Theory for Why Humans Exist by Anila Maring

DMD Reading-Icon2 copyAlbany Daily Star: Why Humanity Exists? by Ray Courtney

DMD Reading-Icon2 copyUtah People’s Post: Could Dinosaurs and Dark Matter be the Reason Humans Exist? by Nathaniel Hooper

November 15, 2015

DMD Reading-Icon2 copyThe Guardian: Light and Dark Matter in Durham by Jon Butterworth

DMD Reading-Icon2 copyPhilly Voice: Harvard Physicist Proposes Radical Theory for Human Existence by Michael Tanenbaum

November 14, 2015

DMD Reading-Icon2 copyBusiness Insider: Leading Harvard Physicist Has a Radical New Theory for Why Humans Exist by Jessica Orwig

November 12, 2015

DMATD listening2On Being with Krista Tippett: Dark Matter and the Astounding Interconnectedness of Everything

November 11, 2015

DMD Reading-Icon2 copySanta Cruz Sentinel: Physicist Lisa Randall Offers Up Novel Hypothesis on What Killed the Dinosaurs in Her New Book by Wallace Baine

November 10, 2015

DMATD listening2Milt Rosenberg Show: Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs with Dr. Lisa Randall

DMD video-camera-icon2 copyChicago Tonight: Physicist Lisa Randall Connects Dark Matter to Dinosaur Extinction

DMATD listening2The Arik Korman Show: Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs

November 9, 2015

DMATD listening2WHYY RadioTimes with Marty Moss-Coane: Physicist Lisa Randall on Dark Matter and Dinosaurs

DMD Reading-Icon2 copySeattle Astronomy: Dark Matter May Have Killed the Dinosaurs

November 8, 2015

DMD Reading-Icon2 copyThe Philadelphia Inquirer: Lisa Randall Talks Dark Matter, Dinosaurs, and Cosmic Interconnectedness. by John Timpane

DMD Reading-Icon2 copyPublic Radio International: What Killed the Dinosaurs? Dark Matter May Have Played a Role. by Alexa Lim and Elizabeth Shockman

DMD video-camera-icon2 copyTest Tube with Julia Wilde: Did Dark Matter Kill the Dinosaurs?

November 4, 2015

DMATD listening2KWRC Press Play: Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs

DMATD listening2AirTalk with Larry Mantle: Lisa Randall on Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Dark Matter

November 2, 2015

DMD video-camera-icon2 copyKing5 New Day Northwest: New Theory Offered About What Killed the Dinosaurs

October 28, 2015

DMD Reading-Icon2 copyDaily Mail: Did Dark Matter Wipe Out The Dinosaurs? Exotic Form Of Elusive Material May Have Sent Comet Hurtling Towards Earth by Richard Gray

October 27, 2015

DMATD listening2The Leonard Lopate Show: Is Dark Matter Responsible For The Great Extinction?

DMD video-camera-icon2 copyHuff Post Live: Physicist Lisa Randall Explores The Evidence Of What Killed The Dinosaurs

October 26, 2015

DMD Reading-Icon2 copyHarvard Gazette: Dramatic Chain of Events by Alvin Powell

DMD Reading-Icon2 copyHuffington Post: This Physicist Says That Dark Matter May Have Killed Off The Dinosaurs by David Freeman

October 23, 2015

DMATD listening2Science Friday: Did Dark Matter Doom the Dinosaur?

October 20, 2015

DMD Reading-Icon2 copyScientific American: Did Dark Matter Kill The Dinosaurs? A Q&A With Author Lisa Randall by Maria Temming

October 19, 2015

DMATD listening2The Tim Ferris Experiment: Thinking About Extra Dimensions With Physicist Lisa Randall

October 14, 2015

DMATD listening2Happier with Gretchen Rubin: The Habits of a Rebel Harvard Physicist by Panoply Media

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