Science Nonfiction, Triple Feature: Intriguing New Titles Celebrating Women in Physics and Forensics

In her brilliant and thought provoking new book, particle physicist Lisa Randall delves into a fascinating new scientific theory, connecting one of science’s greatest questions–What killed the dinosaurs?–to one of the most complex celestial elements in our universe: dark matter. Unlike most objects in space, dark matter does not emit or absorb light. Yet this force, Randall claims, could possess the ability to dislodge a comet from orbit and turn the dinosaurs into Jurassic rubble. The greatest strength of Randall’s book is that it lacks any overly academic jargon and is reasonably easy to understand. Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs illustrates brilliantly that there is so much left to be discovered about ourselves and the universe that we call home

By: Princess Weekes

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