Review by Amy Nicholson

If you’ve been craving a more substantial read following a season of stocking stuffers, theoretical physicist Lisa Randall’s latest book may be just what you’re looking for. In Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs, she suggests a wildly exciting idea–that dark matter could be responsible for influencing the movement of celestial bodies. As a result, she suggests, the asteroid collision that brought about the extinction of the dinosaurs could be down to this invisible force–and, in turn, have had a huge influence over our own development. Randall is transparent that this is just a theory. So as a result, you’re drawn on an exciting journey exploring the depths of her ideas. What’s great is that Randall’s style is plain, clear to understand and engaging, even when she is exploring the kinds of concepts that you’d usually only find inside a university’s physics department.


Published in the Express and Star, January 15, 2016, page 35.

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